Xplus Gold Capsule( 5 capsule) - Subhash Goyal

Xplus Gold Capsule( 5 capsule)

600.00 540.00

Bala (Central nervous system )

Vang Bhasam ( Strengthen male glands )

Salam Panja (Treat oligospermia)

Musli Safed (Improve dysfuctioning)

Vidhera(Improve tonicity)

Vidhari Kand (Act stimulant)

Talmakhana (Strengthen the body )

Jaefal(Stimulate the desire)

Caunch Beej (Increase seed count)

Ashwagandha(Enhance  male potency )

Shatawar (Increase lust )

Shud Sheelajit (Increase testerosterone level)

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